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The Toronto Health Library Association (THLA) and Health Science Information Consortium of Toronto (HSICT) co-hosted a free educational event on June 11 2014 about mobile resources called You CAN Take it With You

Participants had the opportunity to learn from experienced mobile resource creators about what goes in to developing, rolling out and evaluating mobile apps, and a chance to try out a variety of mobile devices in the Petting Zoo.


Michelle Hamilton Page
Manager, Social Media at CAMH.

Michelle Hamilton-Page, the Manger for Social Media at CAMH, gave a very interesting talk about mobile health information resources / interventions she has been involved in creating, considerations in deciding to create a mobile resource and what kind of mobile resource, and answered questions from the audience.


Our panel discussed apps that they have developed, why they wanted to create them, three very different development processes and the outcomes for the new apps, and answered audience questions.

Our panelists were:

Ronald MacPherson, MLIS
University Health Network; a developer for ‘FCR: Find Cancer Resources’ & ‘FRR: Find Rehab Resources’ (upcoming)

Marisa Cicero, MSW & Amanda Hignell, MSW
St. Michael’s Hospital; developers for the ‘My Baby and Me Passport’ app

Melanie Yeung, MHSc
Centre for Global eHealth Innovation; a developer of ‘bant’ and ‘Medly’.

Petting Zoo:

iPads, iPhones, and Android and Windows devices were available to ‘play’ with, having been loaded with a selection of health and medical apps. Participants had the opportunity to compare devices and apps and to consider app evaluation criteria from several sources.

Big thanks to all of our speakers, the organizing committee, everyone who participated, and to CHLA/ABSC for the grant that allowed us to record the presentations!

Mobile Apps Video 1

Mobile Apps Video 2

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